Watkins Glen July
9-10-11 1976
My Formula 5000
Chevron B-24
1972 F5000 B-24, recent professional frame up restoration (2)races.  
Coleman performance all=steel Chevy, rebuilt Hewland.  Race
competitive 5000.  Race ready $52,5000 Vintage Racing Services, CT.
Victory Lane Magazine 1/1996

Chevron B-24
1972 A/F5000 #72-5A.  History from new.  $90k show restoration but
motor go "KA-KA" first time out!  $48,000. or I fix at $58,000.  Most go
for your dough in Histroric racing.  Jack Boxstrom.  Picton, Ontario
Vintage Racecar Magazine 9/1999

Chevron B-24
F5000 (#B24-73-07) ex-VDS Teddy Pilette, winner of 1973 European
F5000 Championship with two victories at Oulton Park, and one at
Surfer's Paradise.  Recent restoration includes fresh 305 Chevy on
rebuilt Webers with new magneto, rebuilt oil pump and fresh DG300.  
New front wheels, new aluminum radiator, new fire system, new safety
harness, fresh gauges including Chrono tach.  Spares package
includes spare wheels, uprights, radiator, narrow trailer wheels.  Car is
extremely quick and surprisingly easy to drive.  $65,000. or trade of
historic F1  Alex.  Manhattan, NY  
Vintage Racecar Magazine 6/2000  

Chevron B-24 ex-Redman
Brian Redman's Continental car.  Freeman Racing Enterprises. Yellow
Springs, OH  Competition Press & Autoweek  12/16/1972.  

Chevron B-24 ex-Jim Dunkle
1972 F-5000 ex. Jim Dunkle. Fresh 305 on Webers.  DG300. Nice
original condition but requires complete check over. Original logbooks
and lots of spares.  Jack.  Tampa, FL. Victory Lane Magazine 5/1991

F-5000 B-24  ex-Peter Gethin
Consistent 1974 top 10 finisher.  Fastest independent entry
Professionally upgraded.  Latest specifications Ex-
Peter Gethin.  
Proven sinner, USA overseas, 520 hp King Chevy, wheels, tires spares
available.  Entered Laguna Seca.  Delivery after Riverside.  
Roger Bighouse.  Cleveland, OH  Autoweek 10-12-1974

Formula 5000 Chevron B-24
2 races old.  Perfect race ready.  Spare new DG300 with Weisman
Limited slip.  Complete set of spare gears, shifting forks, dog rings, two
engines.  One new Bartz never used.  One Eaves racing engine with
one race.  Enclosed trailer with all conveniences.  All special tools, jigs,
etc. $15,900.  Dr.
James Dunkel  Rockford, IL.  Autoweek 7/6/1974

F5000 Chevron B-24
As new ready to race.  Weisman limited DG300, latest wing, with newly
rebuilt Chevy on Webers,  Spares included, one new King Kinsler
injected chevy complete, almost all DG300 ratios, extra wing, extra
body, radiator, suspension parts, rains on wheels, extra wheels, many
small parts.  Enough engine parts to build another engine, quick jack. A
complete 5000 set-up.  $22,000. or best offer  
James Dunkel,  Dunkel
Racing.   Rockford, IL  Autoweek  3/13/1976

Chevron B-24 #29
F5000/F-A.  Immaculate and race ready.  Car comes with two complete
motors (traco, Morand).  Also two mounted sets of wheels. Spare gears
and parts,  Bob DeNunzio, Bethpage, NY Autoweek May 1976  

Chevron B-24
1974 Legal.  Identical to Tasman Championship winner.  8 spare
wheels with rain tires, etc.  Absolutely mint and ready to race.  Less
engine $12,500.  Bob Brown.  Hicksville, N.Y.  Competition Press &
Autoweek  5/11/1974
Autoweek 11/2/1974 w/motor $15,995.

Chevron B-24/28 Can-Am
305 Kinsler injected spare engine, parts, body molds, 28 foot enclosed
trailer.  John.  CO  Autoweek 9/9/1985

Chevron B-24/28
Formula 5000 Chevron, complete package ready to run 76 season.  
Two Lucas injected Fisher Chevy engines,  DG300 w/ratios and spares,
suspension spares, 4 body's and mold, 2 Gurney banana wings.  3 sets
of wheels, extra rain tires and race tires.  Extras and extras.  All or part,
offers. AME Racing  Sherman Oaks, CA.  Autoweek April 24, 1976

Chevron B24-28 F5000
Can Am, or two liter easily adapted with suitable body work.  Sold as
roller or with Astral engine  Many spares & wheels  $8500. Manchester,
NH  Autoweek 9/9/1977

Chevron B-30
1976 Chassis B30-1.  1976 European Champion, ex-David Purley.
Race ready condition with spares. New Milford, CT
Vintage Racecar Magazine 9/1999

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