Watkins Glen July
9-10-11 1976
My Formula 5000
Old classified ads appearing in various publications.
Eagle A/5000
Eagle 450hp 305 Chevy, very reliable in '71 Continental.  DG300, Borg
& Beck, aluminum radiator, Koni  shocks. Will sell w/wo engine, trans.  
Many spares available.
Gerard Raney.  Redwood City, Calif.
Competition Press & Autoweek  2/13/1972

Eagle Formula A
Tony Adamowicz's championship leading "69" Formula A Eagle.  All
modifications.  Immaculate. Set up for Chev. or Boss Ford.  Available
with spares after Sebring.  Carrol Smith  Penninsula, Calif.  Competition
Press & Autoweek  1/24/1970

Eagle Formula A
Brand new race ready includes Lucas injected 305 Chevy with best of
everything.  Campbell wing, polished 11 & 17' wheels with latest
Goodyears.  This is the most up to date car anywhere.  Live hub front
suspension plus $600. Formula one automatic fire system.  Never
raced, 2 hrs. test time only.  Just hit the starter and race. Jim
Newport Beach, Calif.  Competition Press & Autoweek  4/18/1970

Eagle FA 1967
New Bartz Chev. Call Heimrath  Scarboro, Ontario.  Competition Press
& Autoweek  12/30/1972

1968 Eagle Formula A
Gear box, extra wheels, Hurst airhart brakes, spare hose, headers, etc.  
Less engine $10,000. Madeleine  Smith  Los Angles, Calif.  Competition
Press & Autoweek  4/18/1970

Eagle Formula A
As raced by John Gunn in Continental series last year.  Rolling chassis
just drop in engine and go. Ray Lore.  Miami, Fla. Competition Press &
Autoweek  4/29/1972

1969 Gurney Eagle AAR F5000
Chassis 512. 1 of 14.  Full race Chevy, Lucas/Mackay fuel injection,
Hewland LG600.  Full alloy tub. 1985 restoration.  In race or concourse
condition.  $150,000. Jim Anaheim CA  Victory Lane Magazine  9/1997

19693/4 Eagle
Last one built.  New cond. never raced. trick front end.  12-16 wheels,
knock offs, fabroids, aeroquip, wings, with or without Chevy.  Best
offer.  Floyd D, Sable  Anaheim, CA  Autoweek 2/23/1974

1969 Eagle
Formula A Eagle chassis.  Needs some suspension parts.  Complete
otherwise.  Will Sell cheap.  Roy Campbell Racing. Santa Ana, Calif.
Competition Press & Autoweek  11/22/1969

Eagle "A"
Continental Championship Formula "A" Eagle. Consistently one of the
fastest cars on the circuit.  To be sold with or without engine-gearbox.  
Ready for ARRC or expense paid Tasman Series.  
Bob Brown,
Huntington, L.I. NY  Competition Press & Autoweek  11/1/1969

Formula A Eagle
Sacrifice.  Must sell.  1977 legal.  Beautiful, fast and strong.  Spare
wheels and short block.  Strong LG600 gearbox, roller $4000.,
complete $5500.  Offers?  Dick Moody,  Manhatten Beach, CA
Autoweek 4/16/1977 also 1/4/1975 with more engines

Eagle FA
Fresh Chev, Lucas injection, rebuilt Hewland, new tires.  Race ready,
asking $7995. will consider all offers and trades. Monte Shelton,  
Portand, OR   Autoweek 3/9/1977

Formula A Eagle
Less engine and gearbox.  Purchased January and completely
prepared for 1969 season.  Including $400. paint job also 1969 Traco
Lucas injected dry sump engine.  Autocoast  Costa Masa, Calif.  
Autoweek 5/10/1969

ARA Eagle F/A
Bartz Chevy engine.  This car is immaculate and must be seen to be
appreciated.  Professionally maintained by ARA.  Please direct all
serious inquires to Roy Woods or John Fort at American Racing
Associates,  Northridge, CA Competition Press & Autoweek  6/12/1971

1969 Formula A Eagle Mk 5
Formula A and USAC Road Racing Eagle, chassis 509.  As featured in
Road & Track.  Formerly driven by
John Cannon, $8000. less engine or
offer. ASD  Van Nuys, CA  Competition Press & Autoweek  2/20/1971

Formula A Eagles chassis's No. 503 & 504
With or without engines.  One never run, second only 2 races, pole at
Sebring.  Many spares.  Wayne Jones.  Burbank, CA   
Competition Press & Autoweek  2/7/1970

Eagle Formula "A"
One race on complete rebuild.  Spare wheels, gear sets. rain tires, etc.
Concours condition, ready to race.  Very quick.  Enclosed trailer
available.  Ross Hansel  San Jose, CA    Autoweek  6/19/1976

F/A Eagle
One of the cleanest and finest in the country. 0 hours on two Chevy
305 cu. 500 plus HP engines.  Avaid pan, dry sump, LG600
gearchanges. 8 wheels, 15 tires. Many spare parts.  Magnafluxed cycle
throughout.  Business forces sale.  Eric Schiehlen  Kettering, OH
Competition Press & Autoweek  9/27/1972

Eagle F/A
Two damage Eagle chassis, many spares.  Two LG600 gearboxs, truck
and trailer. Wayne Jones, Zeus Development  Burbank, Calif.
Competition Press & Autoweek  8/22/1970

Eagle 1969 Formula A  ex-Savage
Fresh, super clean, forced sale. $8500. invested.  Trade for racer,
street car, boat, considered also.  Money is equally interesting.
Walter Brown.  Louisville, KY Competition Press & Autoweek  7/14/1973

Eagle 1969 1/2 Formula A
Eagle chassis.  Next to the last Eagle built by Gurney.  As brand new,
never has had motor installed.  $9500.
Dave Jordan  Cypress, Calif.
Competition Press & Autoweek  5/29/1971 also 9/1/1973 $6500
also  9/14/1974  $4500. 10 races

1969 Eagle F-5000
Two Chevys LG-600 etc.  Enough spares to race a season.  Car was
raced less than ten times  $4500. Dave Jordan Cypress, CA.
Competition Press & Autoweek  9/21/1974

Eagle 1969 Formula A
Fresh Bartz engine, carburetor & wet sump as raced by Dick Smothers
at Dallas Continental,  Very competitive. Dick Smothers Los Angles, CA
Competition Press & Autoweek  8/22/1970

Eagle Formula A 1969
Driven by Skeeter McKitterick. Professionally rebuilt, updated and
lightened with the finest equipment.  Lamar wings, fire system, alloy
Konis.  New Bolthoff 305 with latest Lucas injection, dry sump, etc.  
Riverside L&M qualifier and finisher. National winner, which shows this
car is faster and better handling than most 71 and 72 model cars.
$8000. Complete with spares.  Mike Koslosky.  Upland, CA. Competition
Press & Autoweek  7/7/1973
1/17/1976 $9900. Jim Law  El Segundo, CA  Autoweek

Eagle Formula 5000
1968 Eagle complete w/LG600, exhaust, bell housing. Many spares.  
Immaculate. $7995. Haas, Highland Park, Ill. Autoweek 5/15/1971

Eagle Formula A
1969 Eagle, race prepared with all spares plus package all for $7500.  
Available immediately.  Also misc. parts.  List available.  John Crean,  
Riverside, CA  Competition Press & Autoweek  12/30/1972

Eagle F5000
Ex. Dick Smothers, compl. w/LG gearbox  Bolthoff slant plug engine,
ready for Riverside.  $13,500. Hayes Racing Santa Ana, CA
Autoweek 5/15/1971

!974 Eagle
Complete bodywork , very good condition. Bob Allen, Manteca, CA
The Wheel 11/1990

1974 Eagle F-5000
As raced by John Morton and Lella Lombardi.  Completely rebuilt.  New
injected Bolthoff engine.  Guarantee at minimum weight.  Spares and
original body.  Francisco Mir,  Santa Monica, CA  Autoweek 12/28/1974

Eagle F5000 # 28
1975 legal, deformable structures, spare wheels, gears, ring and
pinion, 2 wings, suspension parts, etc. With or without motor. Michael
Brayton.  Newport Beach, CA.  Autoweek 2/15/1975 also 12/28/1974

Eagle F5000
1974 Chevy. 305 Chapparel engine, A-1 condition
Los Angeles, CA  Autoweek 12/15/1978

Eagle 1975
Vern Schuppan's Eagle.  All latest equipment required  for Formula
5000 competition.  Spares available, ready to race $12,000. less
engine. $17,000. with engine.  All American Races. Santa Ana, CA
Autoweek 10/23/1976

Eagle F5000
Last Built, Driven by Bobby Unser, James Hunt, Vern Schuppan.  Three
engines, dry, wet tires, loads of spares.  Good Can-Am. Will deliver
$15,000.  Chicago, IL  Autoweek 12/15/1978

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