Watkins Glen July
9-10-11 1976
My Formula 5000
Formula A/ Formula 5000
Old classified ads appearing in various
Formula A, long wheel base chassis, Chevy, Webers, Hewland.  All
brand new, race ready.  Available complete or less engine, gearbox,
spares.  Must sell immediately.  Dave Wolin  Buffalo, NY
Competition Press & Autoweek  10/31/1970

LeGrand Mark 7
Designed and manufactured specifically for Formula SCCA pro series.  
Bart 5-liter Chevy engine, carburated or injected.  Airheart single spot
brake calipers, 101/2"" diameter discs, lightweight 30 gallon gas tank
with fuel cells. Mark 7 kit less engine and gearbox $5295.
Mark 7 ready to race $12,234.  See the LeGrand Mk7 at the New York
Auto Show.  H&E Automotive Enterprises East Orange, NJ Competition
Press & Autoweek 3/23/1968

LeGrand formula A
Chev, Holley, ZF trans, 1975 Cal Club Co-champ.  IRD trailer. All or
roller with or without trailer.  Reliable machine. Offers Ken Buck,
Northridge, CA  Autoweek April 24, 1976

LeGrand Formula A
Frame, fuel cells, radiator, body and other components. Everything is
brand new.  Also have bare block for same car. Kevin Coan.  Natick,
Mass  Competition Press & Autoweek  11/21/1970

F/A LeGrand Mk7
Minus tanks, wheels and tires.  Includes 5-speed "ZF" and Airheart dual
spot brakes. New, never been raced.  First $4500. or best offer. J.
Cailahan.  E&C formula racing.  Lompoc, CA  
Competition Press & Autoweek  5/24/1969

LeGrand FA Mk7
1250 pounds of Rolling Hell! 305 Chevy, Webers, Hewland LG500.  A
winner ready to race.  Details on request.  Dr. D.E. Richardson.  New
Orleans, LA  Competition Press & Autoweek  12/21/1968

LeGrand MK7 FA
3rd Northern Pacific Division 1975, 302 Chevy, Webers, Hewland
LG600 New brakes, suspension crack tested.  Strong National car.  
$6800. Offer. Ken Owen, Union City, CA. Autoweek April 24, 1976
Also Autoweek 4/16/1977

LeGrand MK7
Trick Chevy 302, Hewland transmission, chassis, engine just
overhauled, 1973 legal, race ready. Partnership dissolved, must sell
$4500.  Nelson or John L. Anderson  Austin, TX   Competition Press &
Autoweek  6/9/1973

LeGrand Mk7A
Disassembled, have ZF 5 sp, DG 300, Webers, engine parts also
C.A.E. Jim Barron  Bragg City, MO.
Competition Press & Autoweek  8/26/1974

LeGrand Mk7A
Run the Continental Series for the same cost of running a Formula
Ford, race ready with trailer.  LeGrand Race Cars.  Hollywood, Calif.
Competition Press & Autoweek  6/12/1971

LeGrand MK7A F/A
Chevy 302, 5 total hours of use, Webers, wings, 5-speed, large rubber,
fuel cells, tri-plate clutch, extra body, $6000.  Jerry Webber  
Sacramento, Calif.  Competition Press & Autoweek  5/29/1971

Legrand Mk7A
Formula A , 302 chevy engine, Webers or F.I. LG600 wiht extra gears,
many spared with 4 wheel trail.  $5500.   Thomas McBurnie  Santa
Barbara, Calif.  Competition Press & Autoweek  8/29/1970

LeGrand Formula A
1973 Northeast Divisional and Regional Championship winner!  Custom
built LeGrand chassis, complete with Wolkenized Full House Chevrolet,
with LG500, Airharts, Konis, latest Goodyears, front and rear wings,
Webers, Crane, Schaffer, Hookers, Mallory, Allen fuel cells, plus
chassis and brake spares. Excellent pro training car $3995.  Ed
Lowther, McMurry, Pa.  Competition Press & Autoweek  4/11/1974

LeGrand F5000
Chevy 1970, vented rotors.  Airharts, Konis, wings, all aeroquipped, 10
& 14' mags, fuel cells  $2950. Pottstown, PA
Autoweek 1/26/1979

LeGrand MK11
1969 LeGrand, very rare car.  302 Chevy, Hewland LG600, totally
restored and ready to test.  Make offer.  Pender, Nebraska
Victory Lane Magazine 4/1998 & 6/1994  

LeGrand MK11B
Also rebuilt Traco 305, LG600, spare gears, separate or trade for
Ford.  9/12 and 7' LeGrand wheels unmachined 13 dia.  Keith
Saunders Albuquerque, NM  Competition Press & Autoweek  10/31/1970

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