Watkins Glen July
9-10-11 1976
My Formula 5000
Formula A & Formula 5000
1960's & 1970's classified ads appearing in various publications.
Rolling chassis.  FA/USAC  tube frame, cells.  Set for Ford or Chevy.  
Less engine and trans (available).  Spare bosy, suspension, wheels,
etc.  Ex-Eisert, Unser.  $2950.  Jim Corwin  New Buffalo, MI.  
Competition Press & Autoweek  5/6/1972

Formula A USAC Championship rolling chassis, monocoque, fuel cells,
wings, Lockheed brakes, LG600, aeroquipped, dry sump, the best of
everything many spares freshly prepared.  John Seagram Racing
Enterprises.  Ont, Canada.  Competition Press & Autoweek  4/29/1972

Lotus 70
Complete as raced by Chris Amon in the Tasma Series.  Spares too
numerous to mention.  Priced to sell.  Max Mizejewski  Motor Racing
Equipment.  Santa Ana, CA.  Competition Press & Autoweek  

F/A Lotus Ford
Ready to race.  289CI, Webers, ZF 5-speed, NEDIV Co-Champion
1968. 8' and 11.5" American Mags, Firestone, some spares.  $6000.
Lyle D. Heck  Reading, PA  Competition Press & Autoweek  8/2/1969

F/A Lotus
Twin-cam climax engine w/Porsche 5 speed gear box.  National champ
last year(1967).  New Firestone.  $3495.  Fenton Imported Motors  
Newport, RI  Competition Press & Autoweek  7/6/1968

Lotus 33 Formula A
Ex-Grand Prix car.  BRM wheels & brakes with DG-300 gearbox.
$4000.  Grizzly Engineering  Folsom, CA  Competition Press &
Autoweek  5/10/1969

Lotus 70
Formula A/5000 original never bent.  Bartz-Chevy 305, Carillo, Webers,
Aero-Quip, LG-600, Rains, spares.  New Borg-Beck, crane roller,
weaver.  Make '75 CSPRRC.  $7500. Mike Rounds, Richfield, MN
Autoweek 8/2/1975

Lotus 70 F5000
Slicks, enough spares for the whole season.  This is the best under
$10,000. F/A 5000 around-bar none.  Steve,  Minneapolis, MN
Autoweek 3/16/1974

Lotus F/A
Hewland HD-5, limited slip, American mag wheels, strengthened and
chromed suspension, F85 engine with Weber downdrafts,  Ready to
race.  Car, trailer and spares.  No reasonable offer refused.
De Singleton, Downey, CA  Competition Press & Autoweek  9/16/1969

Formula "A" Lotus
Chevy or Olds engine, Webers, roller-cams.  Scheifer fly wheels.  
Chassis Engineering Wheels, Firestones.  Beautiful handling, many
spares.  $5500.  Jack Millikan, Studio City, CA
Competition Press & Autoweek  9/16/1969

F/A Lotus ex-Bill Bracks
Bill Bracks continental car, very competitive, perfect condition, Webers,
roller, Borg & Beck LG600 dry sump aeroquiped Lockhedd brakes,
knock-offs, trailer & many spares.  $7500. John Dickinson, Ontario,
Canada. Competition Press & Autoweek  2/20/1971  

Formula A Lotus 43
1966/67, Clark's F/1 car, like new.  Will take Ford or Chevy V8.  A.R.T.  
Washington D.C.  Competition Press & Autoweek  3/2/1968

Lotus FA
Complete rolling chassis, space frame, inboard front suspension,
aluminum fuel cells, wedge body, spares. $2500. or will consider trade.
Bruce Lane  Kettering, OH  Competition Press & Autoweek 10/20/1973

Lotus Formula A
Rolling chassis:  Just rebuilt completely; fresh paint and magnuflux;
LG600 transmission; many spare parts.  Mike Wallace, Dallas, TX
Competition Press & Autoweek  1/30/1971

Lotus F5000
New, Bartz Lucas injected 305, second car in spares, 12 extra wheels,
16 tires new, rain, intermediate slicks, 33 gear sets, extra body pieces
and moulds.  $13,850.  Adams Enterprises  Brighton, MI  
Autoweek  10/12/1974

Lotus 70-F/A
Fresh dry sumped GT-40 cobra power.  Hewland, Aeroquip, 8 mounted
tires, enclosed trailer many spares and body molds. 2nd in N.E.
Dovision, CSPRRC invitw.  SCCA, USAC, legal.  Easy F/5000 legal.
$7500. Trades?  Tony Nawrocki.   Sardinia, NY  Autoweek 10/12/1974

Lotus 70-B
Formula A 5000 basket case.  Last of the factory Lotus race
Follmer, Morton car.  Features all latest 70 series
modifications & B.R.E. preparation.  Car was crashed at Road Atlanta,
extensive damage but repairable by competent fabricator.  Complete
with spares, wheels, tires, including DG-300 Hewland.  Price less
engines $4500.  Pete Brock, Segundo, CA  Autoweek 9/14/1974

Lotus 70-B F/A
Best handing F/A car ever built.  Boss 302/DG300.  Expanding
business forces sale.  Absolutely, best offer by Nov. 1 76  takes it
home.  Bruce Russell.  Estacada, OR  Autoweek Oct. 23, 1976

Lotus T-70
Smothers-Wintersteen Racing Team Lotus. Only one left!! Now being
completely renovated for 1971 season.  Kinsler-injected Chevrolet,
reliable LG-600 gearbox.
George Wintersteen. Newton Square, PA
Competition Press & Autoweek 4/17/1971

Lotus 72 type Chinook F5000
USAC specs truck load of spares, enclosed tandem trailer.  This is an
exceptional package for only $10,500. Dennis Reed,
Autoweek May 1976

Lotus T70 F/A
USAC. specs,  Loads of spares including body molds, 12 tires,
2 engines enclosed trailer, ready to race Asking $6000.  Dennis Reed,
Irving, NY Competition Press & Autoweek  5/11/1974

Lotus T70 F/A/5000
Must sell now!  2nd "72" ARRC.  New engine, enclosed trailer, over
$9000 in spares, 18 wheels, 32 gear sets,  "73" legal and raced ready.  
Asking $10,500..  Make me an offer I can't refuse.  Tim Duke  
Lewisville, TX.  Competition Press & Autoweek  6/9/1973

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