Watkins Glen July
9-10-11 1976
My Formula 5000
1960's-1990's classified ads appearing
in various publications.
McLaren Mk2
Formula A with Traco Chev, Hewland LG600, rain tires mounted, spare
engine and many new spares suspension parts.  Several firsts, no
DNF's.  Glenn A. Brown  Kent, Wash.   Competition Press & Autoweek  

McLaren Mk3
Formula A, zero hours on new Chevy engine, new Goodyears.  
Excellent for National competition.  All spares and trailer. $5500.
Bob Nichols,  Tulsa, Okla. Competition Press & Autoweek  10/31/1970

McLaren Owners
Mk1 or 2  The Pro Formula series is perfect for a McLaren with our F/A
body.  No frame cutting, simple installation and can comvert back to
modified anytime.  F/A body comes with instructions, all fasteners,
windshield and is ready for paint qith minor preparation. Our car
weights 1255lbs and really works. Joe Starkey  Dallas, TX  Competition
Press & Autoweek  3/23/1968  

McLaren FA
Excellent, reasonable, ready to race.  Anthony J. Palombo Jr.  Toledo,
OH  Autoweek  3/16.1974

Formula Cars F5000
New chassis and body, takes McLaren suspension, has
instrumentation, steering, wiring, Varley battery, miscellaneous parts
$495. with ZF transaxle $895. wide wheels/tires available. Chuck Haines
Bethel Park, PA  Autoweek 8/31/1974

F/A Mk2 McLaren
Traco Olds, ZF 5-speed.  One hour time since all new. Complete with all
spares, F/A body mold, Trailer and etc.  First $8500. takes all.  Joe
Starkey,  Dallas, TX  Competition Press & Autoweek  5/25/1968

McLaren Mk2
Formula A, Traco Chevy $6500. with 289 Ford $5300, 2nd fastest time
ARRC, new paint, many spares - must sell.  
Bud Morley,  Denver, Colo.
Competition Press & Autoweek  5/24/1968 & 12/28/1968

Formula A conversion for Mk 1, 2, 3
Conversion for McLaren Mk 1, 2, 3.  Kit includes frame, fitted fiberglass
body, radiator, roll bar, $2000.  20 hours work required.  No welding or
cutting.  We also take orders for completed Formula A cars. Fejer's
Racing Cars Ltd.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada  Competition Press &
Autoweek  11/30/1968  

McLaren F/A
Bartz engine, two wings, aeroquip, fuel cells, Webers, scoop.  Good
assortment of spares.  Tub never bent, Well maintained.
Fairbanks or Dick Kantrud  Watertown, MN  Autoweek 8/24/1974

McLaren Formula 5000
White, 5 liter Lucas injection, Deformable structure, 1976 SECA
standard specifications.  Charlie Brown Autoweek 8/7/1976  

McLaren MK3 Formula A
New 305 chev and new clutch since last Continental race.  Trailer, extra
wheels, molds for body and other spares. $4850. Bill Johnson Racing
Team, Kansas City, MO.  Competition Press & Autoweek  4/17/1971

McLaren MK3B
Fast, reliable car.  Complete with Chevy, Hewland, Webers, trailer and
spares.  $5300. offers, trades considered.  Roger Nuttall  Fresno,CA
Competition Press & Autoweek  5/4/1974

McLaren MK3B
Formula A with Traco Olds aluminum engine, very light & competitive
for national competition.  Spare suspension parts, wheels &  body mold.
Allen Lovitt  Tulsa, OK
Competition Press & Autoweek  8/22/1970
McLaren mk10A
Race ready, chevy engine, Carello rods and fire system.  Finished
Riverside and Laguna L&M.  Won Oly Sprint.  Spares, car trailer
Merle Brennan  Las Vegas, NV   Competition Press &
Autoweek  8/181973

McLaren M10A
Originally campaigned by Canadian privateer Roger McCaig.  
Outstanding and documented example of one of seventeen of
McLaren's first F5000's.  $72,000. Steven Berastequi.
Redmond,WA?   Victory Lane Magazine 12/1997

McLaren M10 A/B
Complete original vintage.  3 hours on ground-up refurbishings.  Traco
305 Chev., 48 IDA Webers, LG 600, some spares.  Sports racers are
gone, these are next.  $45,000-firm.  More expensive next summer.  
Mike Allison.  Falls Village CT.  Victory Lane Magazine  12/1988

McLaren Mk10
One new and one Mk10 Formula A car with or without engine, 5 races,
excellent condition.  
Motschenbacher Racing. Gardena, CA
Competition Press & Autoweek 9/13/1969

McLaren MK10
Fresh Bartz, LG600, all new fabroids, newly magnafluxed, 22 gear sets,
fuel cells, formula 1 fire extinguisher other spares.  No expensive
spared Completely rebuilt for ARRC where car finished 2nd.  Won N.E.
division National championship 1970. $7995. John L. Paul.  New York,
NY Competition Press & Autoweek  3/6/1971

McLaren MK 10
Traco-Chevy, spares, trailer complete and ready to race.  Will win and
national race and still highly competitive in Continental series.  Sell or
rent. Calif.  Autoweek 5/15/

McLaren Mk10A
Just rebuilt and painted, never bent.  All Aeroquip and fabroid, Borg &
Beck, 2 Traco engines.  Spare wheels, tires, gears, etc.  Also '71 ford
Ranger with camper and trailer.  Everything race ready.  Will sell
together or separate.  Brian Fox  San Monica, CA  Autoweek 2/23/1974

McLaren Mk10A
Weaver dry sump, Borg and Beck 3 disc clutch, Webers, all aeroquip,
never scratched, fresh cyclo and magnafluxed papers.  Immediate
delivery anywhere in US, Canada or Mexico.  Jon Ward, Saugus, CA.
Competition Press & Autoweek  9/16/1969

McLaren M10A
Formula A.  Morand Chevy.  Excellent condition throughout. Very little
time on car.  Fresh engine. Offers Ken Swanson  Middletown, PA  
Autoweek 7/14/1973

McLaren  M10A
Perfect condition ready to race.  Two strong Barts and long list of
engine, body, suspension spares.  Great price package deal.  Must sell
John Bisignano, Denver, CO Competition Press & Autoweek  1/30/1971

McLaren F/A #53
Race Ready, Competitive Club Car.  Fresh 305 c.i.d. Chevy, Webers,
Aeroquiped, Mounted rains, Many spares.  Trailer included. Complete
package $4150.  Michael S. Davis.  Indianapolis, IN
Autoweek 6/26/1976  

McLaren Formula "A"  Mk2 #74
Traco, Chevy LG500, spare wheels and tires aeroquip, new brakes,
many spares, complete package $3500.  Glen Brown  Kent, WA.
Competition Press & Autoweek  1/22/1972  

Formula A McLaren MK10B ex.Cannon\Hobbs
Continental Champion 70-71.  NYSRR Champion-B, NEDIV National
Champion-74, Webers, aeroquip, sump, Cheels, tired, many spares.  
Race Ready $6000. custom trailer available.  Bryant Ingales.
Conklin, NY  Autoweek 11/23/1974

McLaren M10B ex- Sid Taylor
Driven by Brain Redman, Derek Bell.  Bartz Chevy, 13" wheels, newest
fastest M10B in US.  Spares and extra wheels, L.M. Fowler Displays,  
Glendale, CA  Autoweek 9/8/1973

McLaren M10B
1969 McLaren M10B/F5000.  Team car to Peter Gethin's European
championship car 1969/70.  Taylor-Heath Company.  San Diego, CA
Victory Lane Magazine 12/1991

McLaren M10B F5000
Fresh 302 Chevy DG300 gearbox.  New slicks, car cover, built end
1971. No races 1973 $7500.  James Griffin  San Francisco, CA  
Autoweek 8/24/1974  see ad below

McLaren M10B
DG300 gearbox, low mounted engine, full race engine Webers, Carrillo,
dry sump, roller cam 3 plate clutch, trade for F-ford cash roller $7500.
James Griffin, San Francisco, CA Autoweek May 1976 also 12/28/1974

McLaren M10B Eppie Wietzes
Very successful McLaren M10B. 4th overall 1970 Continental.  DG300,
Aeroquip, CRM-Chevy engine, dry sump. In perfect condition. Spares
available  Formula Racing, Toronto, Canada.  Competition Press &
Autoweek  3/6/1971

McLaren M10B F/A
5 races from new.  Completely rebuilt & new paint Traco engine LG600  
Ready to race. Must see to appreciate $5500.  J.H. Thomson  
Doylestown, PA  Competition Press & Autoweek  5/18/1974

McLaren MK 10B
$8000. invested. Race ready.  Many spares.  Must sell to finish
Doctorate.  Many triflers when it was $4000.  Now $3500. if you are
serious.  Joe Little  Center Valley, PA  Autoweek 10/2/1976

McLaren MK10B
Giveaway, almost.  Ex-Hobbs.  Full professional rebuild.  Race ready.  
Many spares.  We need the garage space. Call and take advantage of
us. Clifford Racing Enterprises.  Dublin, PA. Autoweek April 24, 1976

McLaren M10B
L&M Continental champion car #10 driven by David Hobbs.  Traco
engine, DG gearbox, latest modifications. Immaculate. $15,000. firm
Hogan Racing, Bill Mayberry Lime Rock, Conn.  Competition Press &
Autoweek  4/15/1972

McLaren Mk 10/18 F-5000 #15
Tony Settember's '73 car.  Bartz engine, fully Aeroquipped Phoenix
system, professionally built, 20 slicks, 8 mounted rains.  Top National
car, including trailer.  Getting 332, super deal.  $7500.  Bert J. Frank  
San Francisco, CA  Autotweek 1/15/1977
photo      1973 photo

McLaren MK 10B/18  
qual. lap record holder P.I.R. Bartz, Weaver, Webers, Wheels, Spare
brakes, Etc.  Fast and strong. Priced to sell at $7000. Jim Mullins
Gresham, OR    Autoweek 4/10/1976 also 6/7/1975  

McLaren M10B/18  #14
Spare nose w/mold, 8 wheels, Carillos.  Bartz heads 2 wings, some
spares.  1969 International Cabover, enclosed bed, work bench,
generator, grinder vice, drill press, liftgate. San Francisco, CA
Autoweek 9/11/1976

McLaren M18  Eppie Wietzes #94
Front runner 1971 Continental.  Konis, Aeroquip, extra wheels and
many spares included.  Priced for quick sale $5500.  Rebuilt CRM
Chevy with Webers available, also trailer.  Formula Racing, Toronto,
Canada   Competition Press & Autoweek  9/2/1972  

McLaren M22
Special Offer F5000.  Immaculate never scratched DG 300 twelve
spare wheels, mounted upright axles frame sectioins bell housing many
more available also covered trailer.  Tom Jones.  Jamestown, NY   
Autoweek 12/29/1973
Autoweek  8/31/74

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