Watkins Glen July
9-10-11 1976
My Formula 5000
Formula A & Formula 5000
1960's-1990's classified ads appearing in various publications.
Surtees Formula A
Brand new, with deformable cells, best of everything.  305 fuel injection.
Wiseman gear box & Locker dry sump, competitive, very fast. Priced to
sell, no time to use. Chicago, Illinois   Autoweek 2/19/1977

Surtees TS5
Buy winnest F/A. Formerly DeAdamich car, identical to Hobb's winner.  
6 races only.  Extra wheels and tires.  Transaxle available.  Plus engine
parts.  Quitting pros.  Richard L. DeJarld  Joliet, Illinois   Competition
Press & Autoweek  3/7/1970

Surtees TS5 1968
Ex-Hamilton Vose, fully restored, documented history, extremely
original. "The Last Detail". Illinois  Victory Lane Magazine 9/1998

Surtees TS5 F5000
Dry sumped, fuel injected,305 Bartz Chevy.  Porcupine heads, billet
crank.  Carillo rods, Tilton clutch, etc.  Hewland LG500, Very good
condition, $59,000.  www.Investcar.com  Oakland, CA

Surtees TS5 1969 F-5000
Correct  restoration, S/B, Webers, MacKay, Hunt, Aviad, LG600, 20+
gears and spares, four spare corners, high and low wings, an
outstanding example of a legend.  No trades.  $74,500. OBO
Frank  Colorado Springs, CO  Victory Lane Magazine 5/1991 also
advertised in 1996 for $40,000.

Surtees TS5
F5000 Ex-Team car.  Chevy 302 w/ Lucas injection.  SVRA concours
car.  Spare wheels & Rain tires.  $50,000. or best offer.  Marietta, GA
Victory Lane Magazine 6/1988

Surtees TS5
Late Surtees TS5 new Lucas injected Chevy dry sump all aeroquip, as
new condition, spares for nearly a complete extra car.  Excellent low
price.  Fred Phillips, New Orleans, LA.
Competition Press & Autoweek  1/30/1971

Surtees TS5
1969 Surtees TS5 Formula 5000 with trailer, fresh paint, never
crashed.  $12,5000. OBO.  Minneapolis, MN.  Autoweek 12/2/1985

F.A. Surtees TS5
Fresh 302 Chev. Webers, LG600.  Aeroquipped, fire system, sports car
nose, airbox-engine cover.  Everything done professionally.  New paint.
Spare, wheels, hose, wings, sway bars and four wheel trailer.  $4500.  
Peter Portante, JR.  Middletown, CT Autoweek 3/19/1977

Surtees TS5A
Probably the only new TS5A (1970) in existence.  This car has never
been out of our shop. Fresh Bartz Lucas injected Chevy engine.   
Weismann gearbox (lighter and stronger than a DG300) with locker. A
new $24,000 car, yours for  $12,500. included a spare fresh Bartz
Lucas injected engine, Hamilton Vose III. Chicago, MI
Competition Press & Autoweek  4/15/1972

Surtees TS-8 ex-Posey
1970 F5000 ex-Sam Posey, great history.  Westley, CA
Victory Lane Magazine 4/1998

Surtees TS-8
Project, complete suspension, wheels, brakes, many other parts, TS5
and TS11 tubs needing repair, prefer to sell as together.  Chuck
Haines.  St. Louis, MO. Victory Lane Magazine 2/1990

Surtess TS-8
Ex-Posey F5000 with deformable structures.  Bartz injected Chevy
engine.  Spare wheels, tires, gears, suspension, body parts - too
numerous to mention $9,000.  
Len Guneau, Hermosa Beach, CA
Auotweek 6/7/1975  

Surtess TS-8
F5000.  Fresh Bartz, many spares and fixtures.  $10,000.  Automotive
Development Orange, CA  Competition Press & Autoweek  5/4/1974

Surtees TS8
F-5000, Excellent condition ready to race with many spares, includes
injected 500hp Chevy $6450.
Gus Hutchinson  Dallas, TX
Competition Press & Autoweek  12/7/1974

Surtees TS8 F5000
Deformable structure.  Injected Gartz, DG300, trailer.  Many spares
include, Wheels, tires, gears, bodywork, suspension, Konis, more.  
Must sell, will separate engine.  
Phil Palm.  Anaheim, CA  Autoweek

Surtees TS8-B
Formula 5000, complete, race ready, with spares.  Also one fresh
Bolthoff engine.  $14,500.  Jim Woltersdorf Competition Press &
Autoweek  9/9/1972

Surtees TS8
Sam Posey's TS-8 with 515 H.P. Bartz mopor with many spares.  Car
completely rebuilt and ready to go.  Champ Carr Inc. Fountain Valley,
CA,  Competition Press & Autoweek  12/30/1972

Surtees TS8
Formula 5000 Fresh Bartz Chevy, Lucas, Hewland, many spares,
wheels, shock, rains, with or without 22' single axle trailer Complete
package $9500. Bob Burdick, Huntington Beach, CA. Fountain Valley,
CA,  Competition Press & Autoweek 4/9/1979

1972 Surtees TS-11 F5000
Superb history, fully restored and professionally sorted with best of
everything, correct steel Chevy 302, Lucas injection, DG300, Avons,
etc.  Extensive polishing and detail work.  Many spares including tub.  
Fresh and ready to race.  Vituoso Performance San Francisco, CA
Victory Lane Magazine 8/1996

1972 Surtees TS11 #04
Formula 5000 car.  The original "Mudge Pond Express" driven by Sam
Posey in 1972.  Second overall in US Formula 5000 Championship and
Tasman Series in Australia.  Total cosmetic/ mechanical / suspension
restoration.  305 Chevrolet with Lucas-McKay fuel inj.  DG 300 restored
in original livery, Extra tub (#07) and suspension pieces / molds.  
$118,000. OBO Jonh  San Francisco, CA
Victory Lane Magazine 5/1991.
Advertised again in 1993 $73,000

Surtees TS-11
F-5000, new tub and gear box, rolling chassis with spare wheels and
spare new tub $4950.  
Gus Hutchinson Dallas, TX Autoweek 12-7-1974

Complete F5000 Racing Team for sale
Includes, 1 March 73A, Surtees TS-11 with spare tub. 1 Surtees
TS-8 ?.  Numerous wheel and spares for all cars including chassis jig  
Three sets gears and gear box spares.  Five fuel injected Chevy
engines. Pit equipment, etc.  We don't have the money to race next
year.  Make an offer for all or part.
Gus Hutchison  Dallas, TX  

Surtees TS11
Traco 545HP.  Spare Bolfoff, easy Can-Am Conv.  Will separate.  All
$8500. OBO.  Jos Schultz  Anaheim, Calif.  Autoweek 5/27/1985

Surtees TS11
Ready for F-5000 National SCCA, Rolling chassis or complete with New
Engine, Lucas injection, Mallory Magneto, many spares. Complete or
separate.  Gary Mathews, Fresno, CA Autoweek  May 1976

Surtees F5000 Built 1973
1976 Pro legal, never bent.  Absolutely ready to race.  New spare
Traco engine.  Numerous spares, trailer.  Faster than Lola T-300.  
$12,5000. William T. Baca  Santa Ana, CA   Autoweek 6/19/1976

TS-11B Surtees
Sam Posey's Surtess, 2 cars complete with engines-race ready.  Also 3
complete Bartz injected Chevy's and 1 complete bartz injected 302 Ford
engine. Spares. Champ Carr Ent. Fountain Valley, CA,  Competition
Press & Autoweek 7/7/1973

F5000 Surtees car #14
Tyco fuel injected 14 gear sets, spares too numerous to list.  Complete
race ready priced right $8900.   Joe Schultz Buena Park, CA
Autoweek  1/20/1978

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