My Formula 5000
Bob Lazier, developer and lodge owner in Vail, has been racing since
1969 and has established an enviable record in open-wheel racers. In
1973, he finished third in the VW Gold Cup series championship
standings, winning two events; placed third in the Midwest Division’s
Formula Vee standings and third at the Champion Spark Plug Road
Racing Classic; and in his first season of Formula 5000 racing, started
seven of the nine events and finished three in ninth or better position.
For 1974, Lazier will again be campaigning in the professional Super
Vee and Formula 5000 series, possibly in the Can-Am and will be at
the wheel of Formula Vee and Formula F cars in National
Championship events. In 1972, Lazier placed third in the Formula B
championship series, one victory to his credit, and fifth in the Formula
Super Vee Championship standings. He also was first in the MiDiv
Formula V which qualified him for the American Road Race of
Champions where he placed second. In 1971, competing in Formula B
and Formula Vee, Lazier won both divisional titles and the National
Formula B crowns. In his first year of National racing, the former ski
racer campaigned in Formula F and V, winning the divisional Vee title
and placing second in F/F, finishing sixth and third, respectively, at the
Lola T330
Bob Lazier
Photo & Profile 1974
Residents, Vail, Colorado
Born  1938
Bob does make a short
appearance in our
1973 movie