My Formula 5000
E. Brett Lunger
Photo & profile 1976
Residence,  Wilmington, DE
Born November 14, 1945
Brett Lunger is returning to the Formula 5000 Championship series after
a year’s absence driving a Carl Hogan entered First National City
Travelers Checks-sponsored Lola T332. Lunger didn’t compete in the
1975 F/5000 series, concentrating his efforts as a member of the Lord
Hesketh Formula 1 Grand Prix team together with James Hunt. This year
he is a member of the Surtees Formula 1 team with North American
Formula 5000 competitor Alan Jones. Driving a Jorgensen Eagle in the
1974 F/5000 series, Lunger started all seven races and posted second,
third and sixth place finishes to earn fifth in the final point standings. In
1971 and 1972, he placed third in the Formula 5000 series standings
and might have done so again in 1973 had not mechanical problems
held him to four finishes and seventh in championship points. Lunger
campaigned Lolas in those three years. He made his Formula 1 debut
August 17, 1975 at the Austrian Grand Prix, qualifying his Hesketh 17th
and finishing 13th. Following a stint with the Marines and the rank of
captain in 1970 and competing in two SCCA National events, Lunger
attacked the 1971 F/5000 series with vigor, winning one race, placing
third twice and fourth on one occasion for his highest finishes. In 1972
Lunger scored two victories with a third place also contributing to his
points total. In addition to the 1972 F/5000 series, he competed in 15
European Formula 2 Championship races and three South American F/2
events. Lunger started racing as soon as he turned 21 in 1966,
competing in a Corvette and Lotus 23B, and since has appeared in
SCCA club and professional competition driving everything from a
Formula V to a Can-Am car. At the Nurburgring this year, Brett was
involved in the near fatal crash of world champion Niki Lauda and risked
his life to help remove Lauda from his burning race car. Lunger is 11th in
the SCCA USAC Formula 5000 points standings.
Long Beach
Lola T330
Lola T332
Brett makes a appearance in our
Mid-Ohio movie 1976
Race teams Brett drove for.