My Formula 5000

Bruce Eglinton
photo & profile 1973
Age 35, South Pasandena, CA

Bruce Eglinton, a bachelor from Alhambra, Calif., is making one of racing’s
most dramatic comebacks in the L&M Continental 5000 Championship
series. Bruce spent 15 months and $75,000 recovering from burns
received in a 1968 testing accident. Willing himself back almost from the
brink of death.  Eglinton’s doctors have often asked him to visit burn wards
to show severely burned patients that it is possible to beat the odds. Born
in New York, Eglinton was raised in Caracas, Venezuela and pre-Castro
Cuba. He speaks English, Spanish and French. He gave up his $25,000 a
year engineering consultant’s job to become a professional racing driver.
He started the 1971 L&M Continental season at Riverside and place forth
in the first heat race and from then on was plagued by mechanical
trouble.  At mid-season a gasoline service station fire destroyed the tow
truck, the spare engine and parts to put a halt to further racing that year.  
In 1972 an attempt at a full season of F/5000 racing was halted by lack of
finances.  Eglinton, a Cal Tech graduate, mechanical engineer and the
designer of the LeGrand Formula B and C cars, has been a formula race
driver from the beginning of his career, Willow Springs, Calif., in 1959.  In
all, he has competed in more than 150 open-wheeled events in North
America, Japan and Europe, including two full seasons of European
Formula 3 Experience
Lotus 70