My Formula 5000
The youngest driver to ever compete in a Formula I race at age 21,
Chris Amon is an enigma in auto racing circles — a driver with
unlimited potential who has been dogged by ill fortune throughout his
career. When he was 17 he overcame his father’s plans for him to
attend agricultural school and began running his own 250F Maserati in
New Zealand club events. In 1962, he was refused entry at Le Mans
because at age 19 he was too young, so he came back four years
later and won the fabled 24 hour endurance race there. At one time or
another over the last 10 years Amon has driven for some of the
biggest teams in Formula I racing, including a lengthy stint with the
Italian Ferrari team. Last winter, he scored his first Formula 5000
victory by winning a round of the Tasman Cup series in Australia while
driving a Talon MR-1A for Jack McCormack of San Juan Capistrano.
Amon will team this year(1975) with Australian driver Warwick Brown in
a pair of identical Talons sponsored by
Norris Industries of Long

Long Beach
Talon MR-1A
Chris Amon
Photo & Profile 1975
Residents,  Bulls, New Zealand
Born July 20, 1943