My Formula 5000
David Oxton, the New Zealand Formula Ford Champion for 1970, will
make his first major American campaign at the wheel of the U.S. Virgin
islands Lotus 70b/Boss 302 Ford entered by Brian O’Neil Racing of
Miami, Florida. The U.S. Virgin Islands Lotus is a factory supported
entry and the crew chief will be Lotus’s Martin Wade, designer of the
Type 70 Formula A car. Oxton is embarking on the 1971 L&M
Continental 5000 Championship campaign only a few months after his
very first appearance in American road racing. He drove O’Neil’s
Lotus/Boss 302 Ford to fourth place in the L&M Grand Prix at Sebring.
He was brought to O’Neil’s attention by master racing mechanic Bruce
Burness. Oxton started his racing career in a Damlier Dart and in 1968
switched over to a Lola/Ford sports/ racing car. He drove a Brabham
BT118/Ford to fourth place in the 1969 New Zealand national
championship series. He worked as a mechanic for SCCA driver Mike
Goth of Riverside. Calif., during the 1969-1970 Tasman series in
Australia and New Zealand.
Sebring, FL
Lotus 70
David Oxton
Profile 1971
Residents  Aukland, New Zealand  
Born December 22, 1945