My Formula 5000
Dick Smothers a national know, and sometimes controversial TV star.  In
the past, men like Smothers have been scorned by the racing fraternity,
where it was generally felt that they were not really interested in the sport,
but only  wanted to use it to further their careers.  Smothers, along with
Steve McQueen and James Garner, has changed that by showing his
dedication to the racing scene.  In 1968 shortly after getting his SCCA
National license, Smothers took his Chevron Formula B Ford and brought
it to the SCCA’s GP Championship series where he competed in the
majority of the events.  In addition, he and his brother were the owners of
the Formula A Eagle-Chevrolet used by Dr. Lou Sell to win the title that
year.  In 1969 , with another Chevron, Smothers again competed int the
formula B Division of the Continental series.  Despite showing a great
deal of promise, he was hampered throughout the season by mechanical
difficulties with his best finish a third place at Sears Point.  In 1970, he is
teamed with George Wintersteen in two Chevrolet-powered Lotus T70s
sponsored by the Echlin Engineering Company..


Echlin Race Team 1970

     Dick Smothers narration on racing 1968
Lotus 70
Dick Smothers
Photo & Profile 1970
Residents, Los Angles, Calif
Born November 20, 1939
Dick Smothers & Candy standing by  Davey Jorden's Formula A Eagle