My Formula 5000
Frank Matich
photo & profile circa 1973
Age 35, Cremourne, Australia

Frank Matich came to the U.S. in 1971 and won the  L& M Formula 5000
season opener at Riverside, place second at Laguna Seca, then returned to
his native Australia, yet still placed sixth in the final standings.  Late that year
he debuted a F/5000 car of his own design, the Repco Matich A50, driving it
to a convincing win at the 1972 Australian Grand Prix and to victory in one of
the '72 Tasman Cup events.  This year(1973) he scored another Tasman win
and finished third in the final standing.  A veteran sports car racer and
goodyear tire distributor in Australia, Matich has also built sports/racing
machines carrying his name.  He raced in West Coast U.S. Road Racing
Championship and Can-Am races in 1967.
Matich A51