My Formula 5000
Dr. Gordon Meffert, presently serving in the U.S. Navy as a dentist,
launched his professional career on the L&M Championship series
circuit last year(1973), driving a McRae in three events and finishing
one in seventh place. As a dental student. Meffert began racing in May
of 1970. He competed in his first National event in August a year later,
winning that race and two others to earn enough points to attend the
American Road Race of Champions. There, Meffert drove his B
production Cobra to the runner-up position which, along with his
previous record, earned him the 1971 SCCA Rookie of the Year
award. In 1972, he found time to compete in a few events and earn his
degree in dental science. When he began racing in ‘70, he had a
friend, Wendall Hottman, formed Wengor racing which Meffert hopes
will lead to the ability and opportunity to build and market Formula
5000 cars.
Road Atlanta
McRae GM1
Gordon Meffert
Profile 1974
Residents, Waunakee,Wisconsin
Born October 8, 1948