My Formula 5000
Gregg Peterson campaigned a Lola T192 in the two western L&M
Championship races last year(1972), but without any notable success.
The previous season, Peterson also raced in two Formula 5000
events, but his better accomplishments came in finishing second in the
Northern Pacific Division in Formula A, and also sixth in A-sports racing
with a McLaren M6B. In 1971 he was second in A-sports racing, also
entering two Can-Am’s but was plagued by mechanical troubles in
both. He began racing in 1961 in a Porsche Speedster. From 1963 to
1965 he competed on the European Formula 2 and 3 circuits.
Returning to the United States, he did not compete again until 1970,
but did help out on several racing crews to keep in some sort of shape.
Peterson, an IBM engineer, holds an M.S. in Computer Science from
Stanford University in Palo Alto.
Lola T330
Gregg Peterson
Profile 1973
Residents, Sunnyvale, Calif.
Born 1940