My Formula 5000
Horst Kroll

photo & profile 1973
Age 37,Toronto, Ontario
A regular, will-known and respected competitor in SCCA professional
Formula 5000 Series, Canadian Horst Kroll has not had much luck in
reaching the victory circle.  In 1972, driving a new Lola T300, he
stared six of the eight races and finished three, two of them worth
points, but finished low in the championship standings.  In 1971, he
entered all events, tying for 16th in the overall standings. The year
before, he was 25th overall.  Forced in drive conservative races in the
L&M series because he couldn't afford to replace the engine often,
Kroll has had better racing seasons since he began racing in 1963,  In
1964 and 1965, he won the Canadian Formula Vee championship as
well as the Canadian Hill climb title.  Campaigning a six-year -old 2-liter
Kelly-Porsche in 1968, Kroll won his country's road racing crown and
was the top under-2-liter qualifier in every race he entered in the
USRRC.  The German-born mechanic operates Kroll's Auto Service in
West Hill Ont. a shop specializing in VW and Porsche repairs.
Lola T300