My Formula 5000
Jody Scheckter
photo & profile circa 1973
Age 23
residence, Shepperton  England

Joined the foreign contingent competing in the Sports Car Club of
America's L&M Championship series for F/5000 cars is Jody Scheckter, a
young man on his way to the top in European competition.  He had his
first Formula 1 Grand Prix ride at Watkins Glen last year(1972) where he
was running fourth in a works McLaren car but spun and finished ninth.  
He began his motor racing career in karts as soon as he was old enough
and graduated to a Renault Gordini which he prepared.  Successful,
Scheckter was asked to race one of the first Formula fs in South Africa at
the end of 1970.  As champion of the Formula F Sunshine Series in
1970/71, he headed for Europe for a season of F/F competition, moving
up to Formula 3.  The impressive driver was  being watched by Formula
1 teams and by the end of the season had accepted a ride in a Formula
2 McLaren for '72.
Trojan T-101
Long Beach
Lola T332