My Formula 5000
Len Guneau is an airline pilot, has been racing in SCCA competition
since 1966. Last year, Len campaigned his Chevrolet Lola Formula A
car in club events with considerable success. The only 1969
Continental race he entered was the last one at Sebring, Fla. Guneau
was the 1969 San Francisco Region Formula A champion. His hobbies
are surfing and motorcycle riding.

      Continental Needs Backmarkers.
Competition Press & Autoweek January 30, 1971
  Letters to the editor by: "Len Guneau"  Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Now that the dust has settled around the Continental Championship
trail, I’d like the opportunity to express a few thoughts about the l
outcome. Throughout the 1970 season the newly crowned champion
John Cannon) has made derogatory comments about those of us who
run in the middle and rear of the pack. Of the average Continental
starting grid of 26 cars, approximately 18, or 69 percent, were driver-
owned and maintained, most of us having a very minimal amount of
sponsorship. In most cases, from talking to as many of the people as I
could, a large percentage of the operating expenses are also being
borne by the driver-owner, resulting in at least some sacrifice to him
and his family. The Continental Championship series is obviously
hurting due to lack of promotion and the resultant loss of s spectators.
I don’t think it takes a whole lot of imagination to visualize what would
happen if we “backmarkers” did not field our 18 cars per race. I don’t
think Cannon and the other seven cars would put on much of a show.
Still just as enthusiastic as ever about the future of the Continental
Championship. I just feel that the “little buy” has to speak up once in a
while, seeing that he makes up about two-thirds of every racing grid in
this country. When the time comes that I can’t qualify for a Continental
race. I’ll very quietly pack up, go home and leave it to the full time pros.
Until then, how about a little slack. Champ?
Lola T142
Len Guneau
Profile 1970
Residents, Hermosa Beach, Calif
Born 1937