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Until midway through the 1972 Canadian-American Challenge Cup
series, Lothar Motschenbacher had the distinction of being the only
driver to have started every race in the series, now in its eighth year.
An accident at Road Atlanta’s L & M Championship race kept him from
the Can-Am starting grid at Road America, but the veteran driver, who
almost without exception campaigns McLaren cars, was back for the
final four events. He placed 11th in the standings with two sixth-place
finishes his best. Motschenbacher was also a regular competitor in the
L & M Championship series, earning points in four events to place
seventh in the standings. Born in Germany and coming to the
U.S. in 1956, Lothar worked as a Mercedes-Benz mechanic, eventually
establishing his own shop in Southern California. He began racing in
1962 and between ‘63 and ‘64 he had 32 wins, 13 of them
consecutive, in a Lotus 22 Formula junior. From there, he raced a 427
Cobra and a King Cobra before joining the CanAm series in its
inaugural year, 1966. Four of the seven years he has been in the top
10 in Can-Am point standings, second only to Deny Hulme in 1970 and
in 1971 he placed ninth in the F/5000 standings. In addition to the
Road Atlanta accident last year and missing a Can-Am race,
Motschenbacher sustained severe burns from a fire in his garage in
November. For ‘73, he will compete in the Can-Am and is the car
owner/ entrant of Derek Bell’s F/5000 McLaren in the L & M
Championship series.
McLaren M18
Lothar Motschenbacher
profile 1973
Residents, Newport Beach, CA
Motschenbacher Racing (team)
Lothar Motschenbacher