My Formula 5000
The Canadian comeback trail for Heimrath is built on fresh new,
ground. The familiar Toronto driver stepped into a Formula A car for
the first time just before the July first Canadian Championship race at
Ottawa, and since then has devoted all his time to his “A” car.
Heinnrath is best-known lately as a driver on the USAC ovals in the
States, and has spent a good deal of his competition time recently
“learning’ how to turn right again,” as he jokingly puts it, and, in
general sorting-out the ex-George Eaton Formula A McLaren to his
own tastes. In watching Ludwig today, you’re watching a master of auto
racing. He’s the only two-time Canadian driving champion ever,
winning his honours in the early 60s, in two-seater sports cars.
Ludwig Heimrath
Profile 1970
Residents, Scarborough, Ont.
Born August 11, 1934
McLaren 10A