My Formula 5000
Should there be a solitary soul on the Mid-Ohio premises today who
cannot recite Mark Donohue’s biography verbatim, he is a rare
individual. Suffice to say Mark is one of the best half-dozen drivers in
the world and unlike some, has proved himself as such in everything
from NASCAR “taxi cabs” to Trans-Am sedans, from USAC Indy cars to
Formula 5000 and Formula One, from Porsche sedans to LeMans
prototypes. There is nothing of comparative importance to racing in
Mark’s life, race driver and engineer is his occupation 25 hours a day.
This is Mark’s second season in the L&M Championship series, the
first was a late-1970 effort which saw him gain two wins and a third
(Mid-Ohio). Mark’s first race at Mid-Ohio was in 1966 in a B/P Shelby
and since then he was won two Buckeye Cups in 1967-68 and the
1968 Trans-Am. Should he win today it will be his first checkered flag
at Mid-Ohio since his 67-68 “hat trick.” If he finishes second, the world
may never hear about it. That’s how much he values second place.
Other drivers should have such values.
Lola T330
Mark Donohue
Photo & Profile 1973
Residents, Media, Pennsylvania
Born March 18, 1937
Mark does appear in our 1973 Mid-Ohio