My Formula 5000
Mike Hiss educated at Stetson University in Deland, Fla., is an
excellent water skier and enjoys motorcycling and glider flying as
favorite hobbies. He began racing in 1965, driving a TR-3 at Marlboro,
Md., and in 1966 was third in the American Road Race of Champions.
In 1967 he started driving Formula A and B and finished third in the
Continental Championship that year. He drove a Formula 5000 car in
the 1969 series and finished in the top ten consistently throughout the
series. In 1970 Mike then turned to Formula Ford and Formula B and
started the 1971 season by winning the first two races at Riverside,
California. He joined the USAC Championship Trail in 1972, finishing
10th at the Phoenix 150 and seventh at the Trenton 200 in his first two
starts. Mike Hiss qualified for the Indy 500 and drove to a steady
seventh place, he won the Rookie of the Year title that year, finished
second at Ontario the same year, was fifth in the final point standings
and was named the USAC Rookie of the Year, he drove a McLaren
M8F in the final Can-Am race at Riverside and finished eighth. This
year he is driving the Norton Abrasives car with the Roger Penske
team in USAC Championship Trail competition and returns to his first
love - - road racing here(Watkins Glen 1974) this weekend at the
Wheel of a NART Ferrari Daytona GTB-4 with Alain Cudini of France.
Lola T140A
Mike Hiss
Photo 1970 & Profile 1974
Residents, Tustin, Calif.
Born July 7, 1941