My Formula 5000
Randy entered Formula 5000 competition in 1975 beginning with the
Road Atlanta Grand Prix. He competed in a total of four season-end
events driving his Wrangler-sponsored Lola T332 and earned a tie for
28th position in the final points standings. His best finish, a 10th, came
in the season finale at Riverside. Lewis also finished 16th at Laguna
Seca but was a non-finisher at Long Beach and Atlanta. Randy has
been a full time driver since 1970, competing in 10 Continental
Championship events that year in a Formula B racer. He turned to
European competition beginning in 1971, running a total of 76 Formula
3 races between ‘71 and ‘74. A native of Atlanta, Ga., Lewis holds a
bachelors degree in economics and a master’s degree in marketing.
He began racing in the late ‘60's and captured the San Francisco
Region’s C sports racing championship in 1969, competing in a total of
13 races that year.
Laguna Seca
Lola T332
Long Beach
Lola T332
Randy Lewis
Profile 1976
Residents, Mountain View, Calif
Born July 19, 1945
Wrangler Wracing Team
Randy Lewis 1976