My Formula 5000
Ron Grable
photo 1970 & profile 1972

Photo provided by
David Hutson

Fate has always had in for Ron Grable.  In the '70 Continental, it twice
let his Lola run out of gas within sight of victory.  His brakes have failed
in the most inhospitable place.  His engines have burst.  Still, the
cruelest blow of all was being reserved for a mild summer morning in
Donnybrooke, Minnesota.
It started out as just routine problem with a rear tire.  Then there was
routine spin, all in a very slow corner.  Then a dirt bank appeared and
although it wasn't very big it was big enough and the ensuring crunch
broke Mr. Grable's leg.  
That was the end of Ron's '71 season.  It was also the end for the
promising American MK I car, the development of which had been
oozing steadily along.  In fact, odds are that it would have won the very
race at Donnybrooke.  Perhaps this year(1972) will see Ron's luck
improved.  he certainly deserves it, because he is one superb racing
driver, and a very funny writer, too.
Lola T190
Ron Grable Lola T190 Laguna Seca 1970
Ron Grable taking his victory lap.
Lola T190, Laguna Seca 1970