My Formula 5000
Owners who are selling their Formula 5000 cars,
parts or anything A/F5000 related are welcome
to have there ad place on this page(it's free). If
your looking for cars or parts, let me know about
that also. Please submit photos, description
w/price and contact information.  Visit our
page for more instructions.

(ads deleted after one year)
F5000 for Sale
Cars and parts for sale
Please click on the photo for more information
Please contact the owners directly, for we take no
part in the actual sales and take no commissions.
Just want to help these beautiful vintage race cars
return to the vintage circuit for all to enjoy, not
stuck away in some dark storage facility, never to
be seen again.

  • Lola T190 Ex Mike Hailwood

  • Lola T300 Ex Eppie Wietzes
  • Lola T300 Ex Gus Hutchison

  • Kinsler injection calibration unit.

  • Hewland LG 551 bell housing

  • 1970 Lotus 70B
  • Lola T332  SOLD                        
  • McLaren M10B                                 
  • Crossle 15 F SOLD                         
  • Wanted,  Surtees Wheel TS5A
  • Trojan T-101  New Price               
  • Leda LT-25                                    
  • March 73a    SOLD              
  • Lola T140/11  SOLD                  
  • McLaren M10B  SOLD                  

  • Cooper T90 F1/F5000
  • Lola T142  SOLD                    
  • Kinsler Fuel Injection Manifold       
  • Lola T140    SOLD                         
  • Motorsport Solutions Ltd as added
    more products for your F5000 needs.
  • Lola tubs + more                              
T190's & T192's   SOLD

  • New Lola T332 and other                
F5000 parts available           
  • 1968 Lola T140 SL140/13 SOLD