My Formula 5000
The record is a 7 inch disc, 33 1/3 RPM recorded in 1973 and
distributed by the Amway Corporation. Running time on side 1 is about
4 minutes, side 2 is about 4 min. 50 seconds.  On side 1, Graham Hill
starts with an introduction and goes into a brief history of automobile
racing (turn of the 20th century style) speaking over a soundtrack of
various early engine sounds. I think I heard one cry of “Get a horse!”
He speaks of the evolution of racing on dirt roads to city streets, to
modem ovals and road courses. He closes side one by stating that
“although I have tried both, I prefer the challenge of road racing over
oval tracks.  Side 2 has the really cool engine sounds, starting out with
Formula I V8's and V12's, and their “American counterparts. Formula
5000". He then mentions Formula Vee racing (“where one can build or
purchase a race-ready car for under $2,000") Remember, this was
1973. But the FV engines still sound the same! Next is a bit on Sports
Car Club racing, with various engine sounds demonstrating the wide
variety of race cars, (no mistaking the sound of a flat six Porsche) The
final group mentioned is the thundering Can-Am cars, with the big
American V8's, and great sounds of a 12 cylinder turbocharged
Porsche. Graham ends by talking a little about endurance racing, over
the sounds of a pit-stop such as one would hear at Daytona.

The Formula 5000 recording is rather short, but it’s history.