My Formula 5000
Kenneth C. Jones Collection
Photos from the
Kenneth C. Jones collection.
Kenneth was a member of the
Black American Racers Association"
Thank you for sharing your photos.
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Laguna Seca 1973  Troy Rogers near RR wheel w/ Jim Hall II behind rear wing.
Laguna Seca 1973 Troy Rogers, Chaparral mechanic w/Kenneth looking at Chaparral scrapbook
Benny Scotts Lola Long Beach
Benny Scott's Lola Long Beach 1975
Long Beach  Brian Redman w/back to camera, Jim Hall & Franz Weis.
Riverside 1975 Redman's Lola w/Carl Haas sitting in lawn chair
Riverside 1975  A friend of Kenneth's waxing the nose of the Shadow
Riverside 1975 Chaparral spare engine built by Franz Weis