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A letter from Seb Coppola                                     January 11, 2010
President - Formula 5000 Drivers Association

As you know, one of the ways we are able to fund our annual racing
events and related activities is through membership dues. Those of
you who have participated at our race events during the past two
years have seen firsthand the benefits of being a member of this
inclusive group.

Membership dues along with financial contributions from sponsors and
donors have allowed us to organize events with hospitality activities,
trophies, awards, story boards ,banners and other activities which
have been fun and have raised the profile of Formula 5000 in the USA.
All of this has made our cars more valuable and desirable to those
looking to get into high powered historic racing.

Even though you may decide not to race your car in 2010 or do not
own a car but want to support Formula 5000, please become a
member or renew your membership. As a member you will be welcome
to participate in our various events and activities. Your financial
support is critical for Formula 5000 to continue to grow and prosper.

Attached is the membership form for you to fill out and return with your
payment. To provide an incentive for early payment the annual dues
for 2010 are $175 until March 1, 2010. After this date, annual dues will
increase to $200.

All the best, Seb

Sebastian (Seb) Coppola
President - Formula 5000 Drivers Association
Administrator - F5000 Registry
Phone: (248) 601-2800
Cell: (248) 219-4448
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