My Formula 5000
Ontario 1974 Photos
March 2015
Just a mix of photos of drivers, cars,
spectators & mechanics.

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Collection taken by Robert E. Gloye, a
professional photographer for
"Formula Magazine" during the 1970's.
Bob grew up in So Cal and saw many races at
Riverside, Ontario Speedway and Long Beach.
Graham McRae Ontario 1974 GM2
James Hunt Lola Ontario 1974
Lella Lombardi Eagle Ontario 1974
Rocky Moran Talon Ontario 1974
Mike Mosley Lola T332 Ontario 1974
Johnny Rutherford Lola T330 Ontario
Warwick Brown Lola T332 Ontario 1974
Tony Settember Lola T330 Ontario 1974
Tuck Thomas Lola T332 Ontario 1974
#1    Graham McRae GM2
#33  James Hunt
#3    Johnny Rutherford
#32  Lella Lombardi in a Eagle
#35  Rocky Moran in a Talon
#97  Mike Mosley
#4   Tony Settember
#88 Tuck Thomas
#2   Warwick Brown