My Formula 5000
Miscellaneous assortment of buttons, patches and posters, books.
(From my collection)
F5000 Slot car track
Formula A  3-litre   Dash Plaque 1967
3 pin gold crest
Poster 1969 Thompson, CT
McLaren M10A Sales Brochure
w/parts list    (9 page pdf)

Max Stewart-Sharp Racing Team Jacket
Sharp Corporation of Australia
New Thompson Speedway featuring the
Formula A cars.  
Click here to see inside.
Poster...Sam Posey
From the estate of a LIggett & Myers
advertising executive, Chapel Hill, NC.  11"
plate made of "Armedale" a pewter-like
metal.  Possible promotional gift item.
1972 rules governing F5000
Poster Tuck Thomas in #88
Poster  Horst Kroll in his Lola
T142  Mosport, Canada
Donated...Eric Haga
1971 L&M Championship press book
1974 rules governing F5000
8 page pdf
Dash plaque for the Formula A/5000
race.  Thompson Connecticut.
1970 Dallas Paddock Stub
L&M drivers suit sponsor patch.
8 page booklet 1973
1972 Press Book
L&M Racing News (4 page pdf)
1973 Press Book
1973 Decal, Mark Waco in the
Justice Bros. Lola T192
L&M Decal
Larry McNeil in his Lola T192 #64 (poster)
Silverstone June 1970, first
F5000 race there.
19 x 34 drawing of a Lola T332
by a 12 year old in 1977, so it
says.  Appears to be on felt.  
Acquired it at a antique mall in
Ithaca, NY.  No records that I
have of a Lola T332 with #19.  
Very well done.
Sew on patch
Drivers suit patch
Small poster Ron Grable #99
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