My Formula 5000

                                  U.S. Vintage Grand Prix with SVRA
                                                Watkins Glen, NY
                                          September 11-13, 2009
(L-R) Ken Bedford, Mike Cauchy, Steve
(L-R) Seb Coppola &  Paul Dudiak
Tony Adam
Tony Adamowicz & Seb Coppola
Eric Haga "1969 Lola T190"
Paul Dudiak "1969 McKee Mk12c"
Mike Knittel & Mead Kowin
Mead Kowin "1972 Lola T192"
Tony Adamowicz "1969 Eagle"
1968 WRE Shadow, priming for start
Ron Goldleaf "1968 WRE Shadow"
1968 WRE Shadow
Rick Parsons "1976 Lola T332"
Jim Stengel "1973 McRae GM1"
Ted Wenz "1971 McRae GM1"
Rick Parsons "1976 Lola T332"
Paul Dudiak "1969 McKee Mk12c"
Eric Haga "1969 Lola T190"
Seb Coppola "1970 Lola T192"
Tony Adamowicz "1969 Eagle"
Tony Adamowicz "1969 Eagle"
Mike Knittel "1970 Chinook"
Eddie Claridge "Theodore TY02"
Ron Goldleaf "1968 WRE Shadow"
Ted Wenz "1971 McRae GM1"
Rick Parsons "1976 Lola T332"
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Tech checking engine size
Tony Adamowicz
Eric Haga
A number of drivers from the original F5000 series where on hand Saturday for answering
questions and signing autographs’s. From front to rear: With his back to camera,
Eric Haga
driving his original 1970 Lola T190 this weekend.  Sitting next to Eric is Ron Goldleaf, driving
his one off 1968 WRE Shadow, Leonard Miller is next, who was team manager with “Black
American Racers Association, Inc.” in the 1970's, Benny Scott was his driver(Lola T332).  Next
Davey Jordan, who drove F5000 & sports cars at Sebring and Daytona. Next to Davey is
George Wintersteen, if you haven’t  watch James Garner’s movie “The Racing Scene”
George’s massive shunt in his Lola T142 Formula A car was caught on film at St Jovite,
Québec in 1969. George told me it took 30 years before he could watch it.  Sitting next to
George is
Bobby Brown, racing his Brabham BT35 Formula B at the glen this weekend.
Next is
Gus Hutchison, President of H.R.E.
Front to back: Under the hat is Tony “a2z” Adamowicz 1969 US Champion, here competing in
his original 1969 Eagle.
Graham McRae, Tasman Series Champion in 1971, 1972, 1973 and
US Champion in 1972.  Bob McKee is next, builder of McKee A/Formula 5000 cars.
More photos taken by
Jim Knerr
Steve Bedford
Ken Bedford